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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- March 6)

  I have a very special audition at MTV for a role in a sitcom.  How will I do?

a.) I'm gonna say you'll ACE it, Dave Man!!  Especially if the role is playing an intoxicated man who pisses himself while praying in Church!! (28%)

b.) I wouldn't know, David...I've never been on audition.  I did once try out for the circus as a dildo-juggler...but I didn't get the part. (23%)

c.) You'd do a lot better if the audition was for a show on BET, Davey Mac!!  Especially if the character was Random Red-Headed Guy Who Gets Beaten Up By A Posse (27%)

d.) You probably will get lost on your way to the audition and wide up in white slavery...again... (22%)

Dave and Floyd the Puppet


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