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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- March 4)

  I was sick all weekend with the shits and pukes.  Why does this happen to me?

a.) Because you're a child of Satan, Davey Mac!!  You and that Satanic red hair of yours are lucky you're not barfing feces 24/7, 365, you fucking monster!!! (26%)

b.) It's probably your diet, David.  You should probably stop eating the apples that I've poisoned in hopes of killing you and inheriting your puppets. (24%)

c.) First thing I'd STOP doing is drinking water out of the public toilets, Dave Man, and chasing it with POO!! (23%)

d.) You should bottle your throw-up and sell it on the black market as "East Side Dave's Bubonic Plague Juice". (27%)

Dave Is Sick