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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Feb. 28)

  Dave Stand Up 1

I made my stand-up debut on Tuesday at the RiotCast Night of Comedy at The Stand in New York City (the footage of the set is in the Video Gallery of this site).  How do you think it went?

a.) It went AWESOME, Dave Man!!!  At least, that's what my sock puppet Ralphie is telling me!!  Ralphie is also telling me that I should do more acid now!!  Later!! (29%)

b.) I did NOT like it, David.  There weren't any jokes about me and my new obsession of baking pies in the shapes of big, hard, dicks. (4%)

c.) I LOVED it, Davey Mac!!!  I've jerked off to it, er, I mean watched it three times already!!  I've got so much jizz on my keyboard now!! (36%)

d.) East Side Dave, you make me so happy I've decided to kidnap my third-grade gym teacher, Mr. Waters, and stick push-pins on his dick. (31%)

Dave Stand Up 3