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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Feb. 26)

  RiotCast Night of Comedy

TONIGHT at The Stand in NYC, I shall be performing onstage at the Night of Comedy (also featuring Bob Kelly, Rich Vos, Jim Flourentine, and others)!!  Are you coming?

a.) Sorry, Dave Man!!  I have an appointment with my doctor!!  The two of us are gonna eat a shitload of prescription pills and then rob a gas station!!  Yeeeehhaaww!! (24%)

b.) I do not like going outdoors, David, so I'm afraid I will not be in attendance.  I'll be at home, crazy-gluing pieces of a Mr. Potato Head to my dick instead. (23%)

c.) I'll be there, Davey Mac!!!  I'm coming with my cousin, Meth'ed-Out Mike, so don't be offended if my cousin assaults you while on stage!!  It's his "way" of saying hi!! (27%)

d.) I'm still in the hospital after slicing off my nipples and putting them on a pizza, Dave. (26%)

RiotCast Night of Comedy