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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Feb. 25)


Can you believe that Argo won the Oscar for Best Picture last night?

a.) I didn't see it, Dave Man.  The only movie I went to this year was Transformers 3.   Or was that last year?  Aw hell, time flies by when you're on a half-decade booze-and-Whip-Its binge!! (27%)

b.) I don't watch the Academy Awards, David.  I don't believe in judging art.  I only believe in blowing up cats and putting their body parts in my neighbors' mailboxes. (24%)

c.) I thought Lincoln was MUCH better, Dave Man!!  I especially liked the part where the President decapitated a vampire and then started jerking off!!! (23%)

d.) I thought Spaceballs should have won. (26%)

Argo fuck yourself