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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Feb. 22)

  Dave Mario 1

Tonight I'm going to IHOP to see Mario.  What should I say to him?

a.) Davey Mac, you should ask him why he looks so much like my creepy relative- Cousin Pedophile!! (25%)

b.) Don't go near him, David.  I once caught him spying on my mother while she took a bath...oh wait...that was me...never mind... (24%)

c.) You should tell Mario that he's a fucking liar, Dave!!  He AND that druggie brother of his, Luigi!!  Those two fuckers still owe me TWO G's from an acid deal that went wrong!!! (25%)

d.) Sometimes I paint and dress up my dick to make it look like Yoshi, Diddy.  (26%)

Dave and Mario 2