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Listen to this week's killer episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program! NOW available on & iTunes! (2/21/13)

  Davey Mac Show Pearl Jam

You know, when I sit down and write on this website, which I do often, I sometimes think to myself, "Dave Man, why did you glue coat buttons to your soft penis again?  You know you're going to have to now pour boiling hot water on your privates in order to remove the buttons.  And then you will have burned and disfigured your cock area (yet again).  Why, David, do you do this?  Also, Davey, please stop putting your own semen on the space bar on the family computer.  It is disgusting."

Anyway, this week's episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program (online version) is NOW up on on and/or iTunes!!!  Subscribe and download it for free and enjoy!!  Dave promises NOT to put jizz on your computer if you do!!  Thanks!!

Dave and Floyd the Puppet