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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Feb. 11)

  How bad were you hit by the blizzard over the weekend?

a.) We got NOTHING where I live, Davey Mac!!  Thus, I spent most of the day outdoors, jamming fire-crackers into my ass!!! (26%)

b.) I wasn't affected too badly by the weather, David.  We got six inches...of cock!!  Wooo-hooo!! (24%)

c.) We were completely snowed in, Dave Man!!  At least, I think we were!!  The last thing I remember was drinking moon-shine and dropping acid and for some reason feeling warm under the snow-flakes!!  Yowza!! (23%)

d.) The blizzard was the least of our worries, Dave.  Our insane neighbor ate LSD and drank home-made booze and lit our house on fire. (27%)

Dave and SNOW and Puppet