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The Davey Mac Sports Program AND The Watchers! TWO new episodes of your two favorite shows! Ready to pop!! (2/7/13)


Oh, FUCK YES!!  This week's spine-tingly Davey Mac Sports Program Super Bowl Recap is now available on iTunes!  Subscribe to the show now!  Or check it out on!!!  Lots of shit too fucked-up to talk about here happens!!  OK, ok, we'll give you one teaser- at some point, someone stands up and shoots Pepper at point blank range.  There.  No big deal.  Listen to the show now by subscribing to the Davey Mac Sports Program on iTunes!!!

AND, hear our movie show- The Watchers!!!  It's our highly-entertaining broadcast that discusses movies and Hollywood and showbiz and shit!!  Available via subscription on iTunes and/or!!!

Bam!!  Two Davey Mac's!!  Two new shows!!  And two poops!!  All for YOU!!!  Peace!!

The Watchers