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Join Davey Mac & friends TONIGHT for a circle jerk, er, we mean, radio show! (2/6/13)

  Dave Mac crew Times Square

Oh, yes, dogsies!!  It's Wednesday!!  And you know what that means!!  Besides being Fart's the Davey Mac Sports Program!!  LIVE on Ustream!!  Go to the East Side Dave Happy Times Channel on Ustream at 7 PM Eastern, 4 Pacific, for the show voted Best of 2012 by the iTunes Editorial Team!!  We're gonna rock hard and fast!!  And definitely in a NON-sexual manner!!  We didn't want to imply any kind of sexual manner...but we are gonna caress the SHIT out of this episode and feel it up and down and in and out!!!  Oooooh yeaaaaahhhh!!!  But we're not implying anything sexual!!  No!!  'Tis not what we are doing!!  We are simply saying that we are gonna fuck the shit out of this show and cum all over its face!!!  But NOT in a sexual manner!!!!  See you this evening!!

Davey Mac Crew Stairway