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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Feb. 1)

  The Super Bowl is this Sunday!!  What do you have planned?!

a.) I'm gonna probably drive to the deli before kickoff and blow the place to fucking HELL with dynamite I found in the woods, Davey Mac!!  Those sons of bitches still owe me money from betting on last year's game!! (25%)

b.) I don't like football, David.  I prefer sitting at home and stapling little brushes to the heads of mice so that it looks like they have mohawks. (26%)

c.) I'm so psyched for the Super Bowl, Dave Man!!  I usually get so drunk and whacked out on PCP that I end up slitting two to four neighbors' throats!!!  Yeeehhaaww!! (24%)

d.) I just hope it's a close game.  And I also hope I can somehow get my dick out of this jar of needles.  In full disclosure, I should never have super-glued it there in the first place. (25%)

Super Bowl