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This week's Davey Mac Super Bowl Special is NOW ready to be listen to and spanked!! Hear it NOW!! (1/31/13)

  Oh, yes, good kiddies!!  This week's episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program is now up and/or iTunes to be downloaded (for free) and sucked on!!  It's a Super Bowl Special and it hits harder than Carlo Rizzi smacking Connie Corleone around even though she cooked him dinner for fuck's sake!!  I mean, she had JUST made Carlo his fucking supper!!!  And NOW he wants to go out on the town?!?!  I don't fucking think so, Carlo!!!

Anyway, we give a Super Bowl musical medley that MUST be heard!!  We talk Harbaugh brothers!!  We accuse one another of cheating and drug abuse!!  Six midgets get shot in their asses!!  A donkey is thrown off the roof of our studio in the heart of Times Square!!  And MORE!!  Go to and/or iTunes for the shit!!!

CarloDavey Mac Show 3 - Dave and Pepper