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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Jan. 29)

  Today I get my MRI and EEG results from my neurologist, Dr. Song, after suffering from head pains.  What do you think he'll find?

a.) Knowing you, Davey Mac, he'll probably find a poo-covered R2D2 toy stuck in your cerebellum!!  Yeeehhaaw!! (24%)

b.) I think you should definitely be worried, David.  I read recently in LSD Magazine that having intercourse with inanimate objects causes brain cancer.  Goodbye, David. (26%)

c.) You'll be fine, Dave Man!!  I did some tests on you while you were sleeping last night and you're strong as an ox...sure, a dead ox that has perished due to skull-eating lice...but who cares about the details anyway?!  Incidentally, my tests also found that you have the sperm count of a sterile midget.  Good luck! (27%)

d.) Just stay positive, Dave, and try NOT to fart in the waiting room...AGAIN!! (23%)

Davey Mac the Magic Man