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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Jan. 21)

  Today is President Obama's second Presidential Inauguration celebration.  Will you watch it?

a.) Fuck NO!  I don't like politics!  PLUS, I'm currently high on bath salts and eating my mailman's face!  Avita zein! (25%)

b.) I don't own a television, David, so I guess I won't see it.  Unless I go to Washington D.C.  But I'm still not allowed in that district ever since I sodomized a chicken on the Lincoln Monument. (24%)

c.) Hell YES, Dave Man!!  It's fucking historic!!  I usually prepare for Inaugurations by dressing up like Thomas Jefferson and jerking off in a 7-11! (25%)

d.) I would watch it...but I'm shoving barbed-wire into my dick-hole. (26%)