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This week's INSANE Davey Mac Sports Program is NOW available on and iTunes!! Dig it!! (1/17/13)

  Dave and His Big Radio

Oh YES, puppy dogs!!!  This week's EXPLOSIVE Davey Mac Sports Program (online version) is NOW available and ready to be touched inappropriately!!!  Go to and/or iTunes to download the show (for free)!!!  Dave, Pepper, Sean O, and Roy Shaffer discuss the fucked-up Manti Te'o story; they chat about Lance "The Dickbag" Armstrong; they sing a song that will most likely be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; Dave confesses something he did in England when he was 20; and much more sick, SICK shit!!  Go to and/or iTunes for the "Best thing that's ever happened to me since I smoked crack while knocked up and got into a brass-knuckles match with another bitch outside of Wawa's!"  - Janelle from MTV's Teen Mom

Davey Mac Show Pearl Jam