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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Jan. 8)

  In a television interview, Al Roker admitted that he once pooed himself at the White House.  What do you think of this development?

a.) That's NOTHING, Dave Man!!  I once jerked off in Queen Elizabeth's mouth while she was sleeping!!  That's why I've promised NEVER to eat a handful of Roofies in England again!!! (25%)

b.) I can identify, David.  I once involuntarily chopped off my dick outside of the Lincoln Memorial...OK, fine, it was very much voluntary....and it was in front of a Burger King... (26%)

c.) Well, I don't know about poo, but as I'm taking this poll I'm currently eating the brain of a live squirrel!!!  Yeeeehhhaawww!! (25%)

d.) If I'm not careful, I will often times piss in my own ass due to what doctors call Curved-Boomarang-Penis-And-Super-Wide-Anus Disease. (24%)