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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Jan. 7)


Tonight is the big game between Notre Dame and Alabama! What's gonna happen?

a.) The Fighting Irish will beat the Tide 24 to 3, then stuff Alabama's coach Nick Saban into a car, and detonate the SHIT out of it!!!  BLAMMO!!!  Hahahaha!!  When Irish Eyes Are Smilin'!!!  I'm so fucking drunk!! (27%)

b.) I don't watch college football, David.  I only watch giraffe-on-human pornography.  Sorry. (24%)

c.) I'm not sure what's gonna happen, Dave Man, but I sure as shit am excited!!!  I've even made home-made football cupcakes out of vanilla icing and jizz for the game!!  Yum!! (23%)

d.) I don't have any time for football, Dave, my dog just bit my neighbor's dick and now I have to hide him!!  Come here, Chuppy!!  Come here, boy!!  We gots to put you on the lamb, Chuppy!!  That's a good boy!!  Run, Chuppy!!  And don't EVER look back!!  Oh, Chuppy!! (26%)