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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Dec. 24)


It's Christmas Eve!!  How excited are you?!?!

a.) I'm so excited, Dave Man, I could just take out my shotgun and start shooting out the tires of my neighbor's noisy pick-up truck as a kind of "Christmas Fuck You" to the son of a bitch!!  You hear me, Al?!  Say goodbye to that shitty Chevy of yours!!!  Hahahaha!! (26%)

b.) I don't really care for Christmas, David.  I prefer a different holiday- the Annual Shove A Phillips Head Screwdriver Into Your Own Dick-Hole Day. (25%)

c.) I LOVE Christmas, Davey Mac!!  I can't wait to unwrap my presents!!  I hope I get what I want this year: 17 battery-powered dildos that can also shoot lasers at small animals!! (24%)

d.) I just hope I don't get arrested again on Christmas for strangling an elf at the mall. (25%)

Go Santa.jpeg!