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It's a Davey Mac Christmas Spectacular! NOW available online! PLUS we have a very special Dave announcement!!

  Davey Mac - Best of 2012

OK, first off, let's tell you the special announcement-  The Davey Mac Sports Program, the number one independent sports & comedy show on the Internet, has officially been recognized by iTunes as among the BEST SHOWS of 2012!!  We were chosen (without submitting anything or even knowing about it) by the iTunes Editorial Team and an elite panel from Apple as one of the BEST SHOWS in the fucking world!!!  It's an amazing honor that we are very grateful for and proud of!!  If you have iTunes- check out this link- (If you don't have iTunes, just stare at the photos above and below, because that's what you would see anyway).

So in light of our awesomeness, why don't you check out this week's brand new episode (our final online show of the year...though we WILL be doing our Sirius XM programs as scheduled)!!  Our NEW show, The Davey Mac Sports Program Christmas And Other Random Holidays Spectacular, is NOW available on and/or iTunes!!  Listen to Dave, Pepper, Sean O, and Roy Shaffer fuck the shit out of the holiday season with Christmas music, drunkenness, horrible gifts, and MORE!!  It's a good one!!  Go to and/or iTunes now to download and subscribe to the show that is the BEST OF 2012!!  And Happy Holidays!!!

Davey Mac - Best of 2012