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Special Delivery WILL return this Saturday I swears on it!!!

After unforeseen and uncontrollable Hurricane BULLSHIT, I am here to promise that Special Delivery Starring Sam & Dave sans Sam which a means solo Dave show WILL take place this Saturday at 8 PM EST (5 in the West) on Sirius 206, XM 105!!! I actually wanted to broadcast badly, but Mayor "I Am A Pussy" Bloomberg shut down ALL bridges and tunnels and airports making it impossible to get into NYC to do a show (unless I had taken a hot air balloon into the city, though I must confess I do not have access to such a mode of transportation surprisingly).  And even had I magically arrived in the Big Apple, the building which Sirius XM is located in had been shut down as well.  And even if that was open one of the supervisors on the Virus had already cancelled the show.  Basically I am saying that I was the only one who wanted to do a show but everyone in the WORLD was conspiring against me like I was in the fucking Truman Show!!! Well, not this week, dogsies!! By hook or crook- I will be LIVE on Saturday!! Be there! -Dave