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This week's FUCKTACULAR Davey Mac Show is NOW available on and iTunes!!

  Dave Computer Head

Oh, yeah, honey-buttons!!  A brand new, kick-ass, slut-pig episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program is NOW available (for free) on and/or iTunes!!  Check it out!!  Dave tells a warm Christmas tale about his new reliance on pain medication!!  The guys argue and threaten to stab each other in the dick-holes!!  Dave questions Roy Shaffer's manhood- violence ensues!!  Magic Johnson is discussed but I'm on so much pain medication I don't remember what was said!!  We talk about Manny Pacquiao but, again, who fucking knows what came out of our mouths!!!  Anyway, it's a good one!!  Enjoy it!!  Go to and/or iTunes!!  Download!  Subscribe!!  Take your pants off and send me a pic!!

Davey Mac Stairwell