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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Dec. 11)

  My head keeps getting flashing pain on the right temple.  It feels like someone is punching me on the side of the face.  What is going?

a.) You probably feel that way because I AM punching you in the head, Dave Man!!!  You still owe me thirty-five dollars for betting me that the ending to Super Mario Brothers 2 resulted in them having sex!  You lied!!!

b.) It's probably stress, David.  You should do what I do when I need to relax- I find the nearest old age home and kick the first two residents I see in the dick.

c.) My head hurts, TOO, Davey Mac!!  Maybe I should stop huffing pesticides while drinking rubbing alcohol!!  Whooaaaa!!

d.) Hopefully you don't have what my pet rabbit, Plucky, had- Exploding Head Disease.