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Davey Mac & Peppy Ham- drinkin' it LIVE on Sirius XM!! Saturday!! Be there!!

Shit YES!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program XL is LIVE on Saturday on Sirius XM Satellite Radio!!  Tune to The Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206, XM 105) at 7 PM Eastern, 4 Pacific, for the show so spectacular it once caused Mark Hamill's dick to fall off ("It's true.  It fell right off.  I guess you can call me Luke Nodicker now..."  - Mark Hamill, Sept. 18, 2012).  Topics for the show shall include:

* Christmas- is it proper to give your loved one a bottle of booze and a dildo?

* Eye balls- when you're really high, which we are now, it feels like they're trying to get you to confess something...maybe we should stick some needles in them to shut them up...

* America's most beloved sitcom dad, Dick Chummy (star of the classic ABC show, Daddy Got Fired!), discusses his new auto-biography- I Had Sex With All Of My Co-Stars...including the dog, Barkie)

* Famous chiropractor, Dr. Saul Tokker, talks about his self-help book, Christopher Reeve And Stephen Hawking Are A Couple Of Pussies

* Chocolate chips - they kind of remind me of midget poop

* The world's greatest billiards player, "Cocky" Joe McDuffle, chats up his new documentary- I'm Cocky Joe & I Slam My Dick-Hole With Cue Balls

See you guys on Saturday!!!