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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Dec. 7)

Would do you think of my new movie- Big David Vs. The Little Dave's?

a.) I wouldn't see it if you paid me a million dollars and fucked my ass with a baby rabbit while sticking a cactus in my mouth and forcing me at gunpoint to call you "Grandma Titty" while my nipples were being burned by midgets!!!  ...Yeah...yeah, I know...I'm into some weird shit... (26%)

b.) I don't like going to the movie theater, David.  Too many people.  I prefer staying home and compiling a list of celebrities that I'd like to fart on. (25%)

c.) This is gonna be the BEST movie EVER, Davey Mac!!  Is there a part when "Big David" stomps on an under-privileged orphanage?  If not, I'll gladly blow one up for you if it'll help the film!!! (24%)

d.) I'm not allowed to go to the movies ever since I was caught masturbating while on the popcorn line. (25%)