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Poll-verizing! (Dave poll of the Day- Dec. 6)

The first legal medical marijuana dispensary has just opened up in New Jersey!  What should we do, dogsie?!

a.) We should pretend we have a "back problem", Dave Man, grab some legal weed, smoke it, listen to some Floyd, and then go on a coke-heroin-crack-'shrooms-ether-and-gin bender while robbing Walmarts!!!  Gateway Drug, welcome!!! (26%)

b.) You should NOT take advantage of the medical marijuana, David.  It's for people who are really myself.  I don't know if I told you, but my dick has the flu...which is why I put six to eight joints in my cock-hole every day. (24%)

c.) Let's get some medical herb and bake some pot brownies, and maybe some pot lasagna, and some pot hors d'oeuvres and pot pot roast know, forget this marijuana shit, I think I'm just gonna enroll in culinary school!!  Yeeehhaaww! (23%)

d.) I'm high as FUCK right now, Davey Mac!!  Someone spit Jell-O into my ass!! (27%)