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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Dec. 5)

I saw Reservoir Dogs in the theater yesterday because of the two-night Tarantino XX event (tomorrow is Pulp Fiction).  It fucking rocked!  What was your favorite part of Reservoir Dogs?

a.) I liked when Mr. Blonde cuts the cop's fucking ear off, Dave Man, and started speaking to it!!  Yeeehhaaww!! (22%)

b.) I enjoyed when Mr. Blonde sliced the cop's dick off, David, and started petting it. (24%)

c.) I loved it when Mr. Blonde chopped the cop's ass off, Davey Mac, and put it on his head while shouting, "Look at me!  I'm Pig-Butt Man!!" (26%)

d.) I liked when Mr. Blonde decapitated Gerry Rafferty and said that he was now the owner of Stealer's Head.  Boom! (28%)