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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Dec. 3)

  How was your weekend, dogsies?

a.) AWESOME, Dave Man!!  I found my long-lost birth father after searching for him for twenty years and when I finally met him, I farted on his head before chopping his dick off!!  I should probably not snort methamphetamine's before reuniting with family!!!!  Arrggghhhhh!!! (26%)

b.) Instead of staying in, I actually went out for a change, David, and it felt good.  I decided to go to the orphanage where I was raised and burn it to the ground before detonating a bomb in the local zoo. (25%)

c.) We rocked and rolled, Davey Mac!!  And by "we", I mean my invisible friend and rapist, Mr. Chuckles!!  I hope Mr. Chuckles can evade the police after what he did to that homeless woman! (24%)

d.) I did what I ALWAYS do on the weekend, Dave- I glued my cock to a dartboard and threw steak knives at it! Puh-ZOW! (25%)