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Beer & Horses what we did today.  At the Monmouth Race Track.  I drank nice beer and ate even better bratwurst, and then put some money down on the Three Horse in one of the races.   This son of a bitch started out of the gates in First.  So I said to myself, "This Fucker will fade quickly."  But then he managed to STAY in first.  For nearly the ENTIRE fucking race.................  

..........And Down The Stretch We Come!  I'm thinking, "Shit, this was the best bet ever. We're gonna be fucking rich.   Let's move from South Jersey to CENTRAL Jersey with this dough."    Until the God Damned jockey starting beating this defenseless animal for NO REASON and at that EXACT moment my fucking horse said, "You hit me?! I take a dive now."   And in the last TWENTY FEET my horse got overtaken by three other horses.  You Sons of Bitches!! I'm looking into you Three Horse, don't think I'm not!!!!! Fuck you!!!!!!!!!!