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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Nov. 28)

  I've put up all of my Christmas decorations and lights!!  I'm excited!!  What's YOUR favorite decoration that you own?

a.) I have a six-inch Santa Claus that's fucking a reindeer in the ass, Dave Man!!!  It was a Christmas present from my mom three years ago!!  Yay!! (23%)

b.) I usually hang up my own dried cum on the window, David.  Merry Christmas. (26%)

c.) I just steal my neighbor's stuff and glue it to my fucking roof!!  And if they try to get it back!!  BLAM!!  That's the sound of my X-Mas bazooka goin' off, Davey Mac!! (27%)

d.) I don't celebrate Christmas.  I only observe the Holiday of all Holidays: Throw A Water Balloon Filled With Shit At The Mailman Day. (24%)