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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Nov. 28)

  The Powerball Lottery is up to $500 million!!  What would you do if you won the money?

a.) I'd make the biggest ice cream cone in the world and immediately shove it up your ass, Dave Man!!!  Yeeeeeehhaaawww!!!  Drinking on a Wednesday morning is fuckin' fun!!! (26%)

b.) I think I would donate it to my favorite charity, David- Kids With Diseases Who Want To Fuck Small Animals Before They Die (24%)

c.) I'd buy a minor league baseball stadium...and then blow it the fuck up like the Death Star!!! (23&)

d.) I think I'd be pretty humble with the cash.  I'd only buy an Angelina Jolie cloning machine and make a dozen Angelina's while I banged each of them in my new hybrid Lamborghini-Helicopter. (27%)