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The Davey Mac Thanksgiving Special is NOW up on and iTunes! Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!


The Davey Mac Sports Program Thanksgiving Special is NOW available (for free) on and/or iTunes!!  Download it!!  Subscribe to it!!  Suck it!!  FUCK it!!  Feel the Thanksgiving warmth with "East Side" David McDonald- voted the Pilgrim Most Likely To Offend A Native American By Making Fun Of His Head-Dress in 1621; Chris "Pepper" Stanley- Inventor of the Thanksgiving Fart (1623); Sean O- began the Thanksgiving tradition of getting fucked up on booze and yelling at your relatives (1626); Roy Shaffer- once killed three Indians on Thanksgiving (2002).  It's YOUR Thanksgiving special!!  Go ahead- listen!!  You fucking deserve it!!  Happy Thanksgiving, homies!!!