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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Nov. 21)

  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Are you ready to rock?!

a.) Fuck YEAH, Dave Man!!!  I've just made my own, special gravy filled with all the cat cum that I could squeeze out of Mr. Kitties!!  Who wants some?!?! (28%)

b.) I am not ready to rock, David.  I have not even started cooking my sweet potato dish.  Maybe I'll just stay home and suck my own cock. (20%)

c.) I LOVE Thanksgiving, Davey Mac!!!  I can't wait to drunkenly show my in-laws my brand new Thanksgiving Shotgun!!!  Bam!!  Bang!!  Hahahahahahaha!!!!! (27%)

d.) I hope this year my mom doesn't poison the pumpkin pie and try to kill my brothers and me again!! (25%)