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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Nov. 20)

  I'm starting to get excited for Thanksgiving!  How about you?

a.) The only thing that gets ME excited, Dave Man, is when I force my pet rabbits to suck each other off while I film it and then post it on!!! (28%)

b.) Thanksgiving does not get me very excited, David.  Too many potato dishes.  I prefer eating a bowl full of cum. (22%)

c.) Fuck YEAH I'm excited, Davey Mac!!!  I'm gonna bring my special home-made LSD-infused pumpkin pie to my Aunt Terry's house and watch as she gets so fucking screwed up that she tries to fuck herself with a piece of squash again!!!  Partaaaay!!! (26%)

d.) I can't wait for this glorious holiday of family, food, farts, fuck-toys, and finger-cuffs!!  We give thanks!! (24%)