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A LOT of shit is going on in East Side Dave Country!!! Let me tell you about some of it!!


Hi, homies!!  First of all, this past Saturday's evil episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program XL on Sirius XM Satellite Radio should be available later today in the Sirius XM On-Demand section!!  Check it out!!  We fuck the shit out of Satellite Radio and then take the shit that we've just fucked out and shove it back into Satellite Radio's mouth and then fuck that shit out of Satellite Radio AGAIN!!!

Also, I really have to fart!

AND, as we reported earlier, a brand new spinoff site dedicated to my band, The Cuertos (aka the "Best Band Ever" aka "The Most Magnificent Group In The Universe" aka "The Biggest Collection Of Delusional, Drunken Individuals In America") is now up!!  Go to for the music magic!!

Also, I just farted and I think a little bit of shitties came out!

AND, we have recorded and submitted a new episode of our killer podcast dedicated entirely to movies- The Watchers- to iTunes!  If you are a subscriber to The Watchers, the show is NOW available!  Don't be confused by the "Preview Section" on iTunes (which does NOT have the November episode listed), because iTunes is currently FUCKED UP!!  But again, it IS available if you subscribe!!  So do it!!  It's FREE already!!

Also, I just puked a little when I looked down and saw shitties dripping from my leg!

And lastly, the greatest piece of American journalism, The Davey Mac Sports Report, is also BACK, having returned from all this hurricane/nor'easter/blizzard bullshit!!  Read it here on East Side Dave Country in the Sports Section!!!

Also, I just jizzed a little from all this poo and vomit talk!!

Anyway, it's good to be back!!  Talk later!!