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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Nov. 12)

  We're back!!!  After a mother-fucking two week nightmarish run in New Jersey of a devastating hurricane, widespread power outages, gas shortages, an earthquake, and a fucking nor-'easter/snowstorm, we are BACK!!!  Are you excited?

a.) I never thought I'd say this, Dave Man, but I AM excited!  But not because the Dave Poll is back.  Rather, I've gotten my hands on naked pictures of Drew Carey!! Meeeeeooowww!!! (24%)

b.) I don't really get excited by much, David.  Except that one time when my grandmother died and I cut off her skin and knitted it together to make myself a "grandma blanket" for the winter.  I was excited by that, David. (25%)

c.) Wooooo-hoooo!!!  I sure as shit AM excited by the polls coming back, Davey Mac!!  And to celebrate their return, I'm gonna find the first Canadian I see and shove a cactus needle into his dick-hole!!!  Yeeeehhaaawww!!! (26%)

d.) "I am very excited, Dave, and I plan to---AHHHHHHHH!!!  Oh the pain!!  The PAAAAAIIINNN!!!!"      - recent quote from a Canadian (25%)