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The Davey Mac Sports Report will be on indefinite leave because Hurricane Sandy was a Cum-Slut!


Yes, sirs and madams!  I deeply regret to inform you that because of this whore Hurricane Sandy, the Davey Mac Sports Report will be on indefinite leave.  New Jersey is still a Hell-Hole and all of my energy is going to finding out and reporting information for the station that I host my morning show on- WBJB 90.5 The Night.  I need to be both Woodward AND Bernstien on this shit!!  Apologies!  However, we ARE gonna do our best to do the Davey Mac Sports Program (online AND Sirius XM versions) this week!  So at least we fucking have THAT!!  Anyway, I hope Hurricane Sandy tries to come back to New Jersey and our state puts her on a fucking pinball machine and rapes the piss out of her a la Jodie Foster in The Accused.  For older reports, visit the the Sports Report Archive!!  Peace!!

-Dave (11/5/12)