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Hurricane Sandy is a Weather Slut-Pig!!


FUCK Hurricane Sandy!!  And fuck anyone named Sandy!!  My family and I are starving our faces off, and cold, and without power, and we blame YOU, Sandy Koufax!!  And YOU Sandy Alomar!!  And ESPECIALLY YOU, Sandy Duncan, you glass-eyed freak!!  Fuck YOU!!  Anyway, there are no Davey Mac Sports Reports and new podcasts this week.  We will try to do the Saturday show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio; but we don't even know if we can get from New Jersey to New York City!!  Anyway, we should be back next week, so keep popping by!!  Thanks, homies!!  By the way, today is my birthday...and what a real Happy FUCKING Birthday it is!!!  You're DEAD, Sandy Duncan!!  You hear me?!?!  DEAD!!!

-Dave (11/1/12)