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This week's EPIC HALLOWEEN Davey Mac Special is now available!! Take a listen!!

  Ooooooooooooh, FUCK YEAH!!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program Halloween Special (online version) is NOW up on and/or iTunes!!  Download this shit for FREE and enjoy!!  We talk about the Evil World Series!!  We sing Bloody Halloween Carols!!  We discuss the Spooky Lance Armstrong!!  We sacrifice a live cat and drink its blood!!  We confess several Scary Crimes!!  We murder the janitor who mistakenly enters the studio during a live broadcast!!  Then we chop up his body parts and mail them back to his impoverished family in Cuba with a hand-written note attached that says "Look at what happened to Papi."  Join Davey Mac, Pepper, Sean O & Roy Shaffer as they Halloween the fuck out of your ass!!!  Go to and/or iTunes...and remember to catch our show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Saturday on The Opie & Anthony Channel at 7 PM Eastern, 4 Pacific...IF you're not too afraid...muhahahahahahaha!!!!!!