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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Oct. 26)

  What are we going to do this weekend?

a.) What do you mean "we", Dave Man?!  I wouldn't hang out with you if you were the last, adult, red-headed, bed-wetting, nearly-retarded, sociopath who farts in his sleep on Earth, you fucking creep!!! (23%)

b.) I thought we'd have a nice night...just you and I, David...staying in...wearing each other's semen on our faces...together...bonded in bliss...our Cum Masks sparkling in the moonlight... (26%)

c.) I say you come to my house and PARTAY, Davey Mac!!  We'll get some beer, and liquor, and pot, and coke, and acid, and anthrax, and cyanide, and poisonous darts, and rabbits with rabies, and old-timey 1800's prostitutes with soars on their mouths, and a nuclear bomb and we'll have a fucking ball!!!  Yeeeeeeeoooooww!! (27%)

d.) I can't go anywhere until I find my keys and my jar of of feces, Dave, and you know that!!! (24%)\