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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Oct. 15)

  I think my car is going to break down soon.  What should I do?

a.) If your car is about to die, Dave Man, do what I always that thing straight into a bus of old people on their way to Atlantic City!!!  Yeeeeeeeeee!!!! (24%)

b.) Maybe you could trade it in for a new car, David.  Preferably one with lots of dried cum stains on it. (25%)

c.) You should get a motorcycle, Davey Mac!!!  You should ALSO get a little dog that you could name Hector and the two of you could go on adventures together and lick each other and kiss each other and, boy, I think the LSD is kicking in!! (25%)

d.) Cars are for suckers, Diddy.  I like to walk when I'm on the move.  I just get up and go to the first women's bathroom that I see and set up a hidden webcam so that I can put video of girls peeing online!  Boom! (26%)