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Poll-verizing! (Dave poll of the Day- Oct. 12)

  What do you say...should we do this?!  I say- Let's Do's This!!!

a.) Fuck yeah, Dave Man!!!  Just let me get the piranhas and jizz-lube and human cage and butterscotch and shackles and toothpaste and poison darts!!!  Sounds like a great fucking time ahhhhhahahahahahaha!!!! (25%)

b.) David, today's poll is vague and confusing.  Having said that, I'm interpreting your poll to mean that you want me to help you kidnap a C-List celebrity and lock him/her in your basement while we force-feed him/her ice cream cake.  My choice- Mr. Anthony Michael Hall.  Is that what you meant, David...I hope it is. (26%)

   c.) I'll do whatever you want, Davey Mac!!!  Especially if it has something to do with fucking animals!! (25%)

d.) I can't WAIT to "do's this", Dave!  I just need to clean my dick-hole first!! (24%)