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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Oct. 8, 2012)

  This is the new James Holmes (the Aurora, CO shooter) Halloween mask that was on sale on eBay.  What do you think?


a.) I am offended!!!  His hair is even redder than YOURS, Dave Man, you ginger freaks!! (24%)

b.) I would NEVER wear a mask of someone who actually MURDERED people.  That's wrong.  Having said that, has anyone seen my Hitler mustache and wig?  What?  Hitler just ORDERED people to be killed!!!  It's a BIG difference!!! (25%)

c.) Maybe I'll wear it and go on a shooting spree and then get arrested and while in jail they put a Halloween mask of MY face out, wearing James Homes' face, and then some guy puts THAT mask on and goes on another shooting spree and on and on and on!!  Like some kind of sick, automatic-weapon, Ummagumma thing!!! (26%)

d.) I'd rather they make a mask of a fart.  That would be cool.  I'd wear that shit. (25%)