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The Dave Man! The Pepper Stan! The Sirius XM! Saturday at 7 PM EST!

  Oh, yes, chums!  It's the Davey Mac Sports Program XL!!  LIVE on Saturday on Sirius XM Satellite Radio at 7 PM Eastern, 4 Pacific!!!  Tune in to The Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206, XM 105) for the goodness!!!  Special Guest- Davey Mac Bandleader from the RiotCast/iTunes show, Emmy Award-winner, Mr. Roy Shaffer will be joining us!!!  Let's fucking ROCK it!!!  Topics for the show shall include:

* Pizza- why it's better to put it in your mouth rather than your dick-hole!

* Former GOP Presidential Candidate, Senator Chuck Flucky, will discuss his new memoir- Let's Get Rid Of Mexican People, I Shot My Mistress When I Found Out That She Was Pregnant, Rather Than Pay Taxes I Sell Sex Toys To The IRS, and 47 other things I shouldn't have admitted while giving a speech in Kentucky

* Hollywood producer Joel McCockenberg talks about his latest blockbuster, The Robots Change Into Vampires In Order To Have Sex With Zombies IV, and then farts in Pepper's face.

* Teeth:  Good for chewing stuff?  We'll get to the bottom of this mysterious question that has baffled pundits for years!

* Famous astronaut, Wizz Tuffington, speaks about his new Discovery Channel special- "We Fucked In Space- Me, Jim, Bob- All Of Us- We ALL Fucked Each Other In Space- We Had To Stay Warm SOMEHOW!"

* And hysterical prank caller, Lenny Clam, plays his greatest and funniest call- "Is this Vinny's Pizza Shop? Is this Vinny?  Hi Vinny, I just kidnapped your daughter and if you don't pay me thirty thousand dollars in two hours I'm gonna shoot her in the head."

See you guys on Saturday on Sirius XM Satellite Radio!!!  Adios!!!