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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Oct. 5)

  Do you want to be friends with me?

a.) SURE, Dave Man!  But first I have to bury my sister alive for breaking my X-Box!!  Bitch!!! (25%)

b.) I don't have any time for friendship, David...I'm focused solely on my career.  I work as Sicky the Sexy Clown, and I'm trying to perfect my routine of juggling dildo's and pocket vagina'a.  Sorry! (26%)

c.) I'd like to be friends with you, Dave, but my mom just chopped off my dick...again... (24%)

d.) Yes, Davey Mac!!!  Let's be friends!!  And then we can go places and watch movies and tickle each other and fart on each other's heads and kill animals together and burn down buildings and blow up my ex-wife's house and scalp my ex-wife and throw my ex-wife into a shark tank to be eaten!!!  Yeeeehhaaaww!! (25%)