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Episode THREE of the The Watchers (featuring Dave, Pepper, Sean and Roy) is NOW UP on iTunes! Fuck it!

  A new, kick-ass episode of The Watchers is up and ready to get fucked on iTunes!!  Download the shit for free and smoke some pot and drink some booze and rent an air balloon and grab some puppets and hire a couple of dwarves and have a good, fucking time!!

What is The Watchers?  A new Davey Mac & Friends podcast dedicated entirely to movies, movies, and movies!!  You'll smell the fucking popcorn, baby!!  But don't eat it!!  You don't know where it's been!!

How much money is the download?  It's for fucking FREE, honey-do!!  I said that already!!  Pay attention!!

Why are these questions in italics?  How the shit should I know?!  YOU'RE the one asking them, tummy-tuck!!!

So go iTunes for The Watchers!  NEW EPISODE!  Arrivederci, baby!!