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A new episode of the Davey Mac show (aka the best fucking show in the world) is up NOW! Listen to it!

  This week's sizzling HOT Davey Mac Sports Program is up and available and on FIRE, dog!!!  Just go to and/or iTunes for an episode so fantastic that Todd Bridges proudly stated, "I'm GLAD Gary Coleman is dead!!  You hear that, Gary?!  I'm GLAD you're dead!!"  Davey Mac, Pepper, Sean O, and Roy Shaffer talk about the finer things in life- Playoff Baseball, having the flu, slapping a horse in the face, upside down dicks, bread and butter, and MORE!!!  It's a show so good that Joe Di Maggio Jr. exclaimed- "The Davey Mac Sports Program is so much fun that it killed me!!!  Yes!!!  It was the Davey Mac Sports Program!!!  NOT the heroin!!  I repeat!!  NOT the heroin!!"  So head to and/or iTunes for the FREE download of the best show in the world!!  Peace!!