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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Oct. 3)

  I can't believe it's already October Third!  Can you?

a.) Being that I have a calendar on my phone, watch, car, television, computer, office, refrigerator, under-sized dildo, fake vomit, dead donkey...YES!!!  I CAN fucking believe the damned date, Dave Man, get your head out of your ass!!! (23%)

b.) Fuck that!!  I can't believe that no one has found out yet that I once jerked off on Estelle Getty's laptop!!! (26%)

c.) I am always amazed at how quickly time goes by, too, David.  I also am amazed that ants can carry weight 100 times heavier than their bodies and that Lou Ferrigno's cum is NOT green. (24%)

d.) I can believe that it's October 3rd, Davey Mac!!  I CAN'T believe that I just glued my dog to my head to make the world's first "Bark Hat"!!! (27%)