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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Oct. 1)

  It's officially Halloween season!  Are you excited?!

a.) Fuck yeah, Dave Man!!!  I'm building some AWESOME real-life booby traps in front of my house for the 31st!!  The amount of beheaded and/or de-limbed children is gonna be INSANE!!!  Here's a hint, kids, stay away from the fucking doorbell!!!  Hahahaha!!! (26%)

b.) I've hated Halloween ever since I went to Option A's house four years ago and got my arms cut off.  Now how am I gonna eat bite-sized Snickers with no arms?!?! (24%)

c.) I can't wait for Halloween, Davey Mac!  I'm thinking of dressing up as a guy who likes to jerk off in pet shops.  Basically, I'll just be wearing my own clothes.  I probably won't shower, either...trick or treat!!!!!!!! (26%)

d.) I'm gonna scare people by shooting them in the ass from my attic window with my rifle!!!!  Happy Halloween- BAM!!!! (24%)