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Davey Mac and the Pepper Boy! LIVE on Sirius XM on Saturday! Join us for giggles and shit!

  Well, gosh-golly, furry-friends!!!  It's another glorious episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program XL - Saturday - on Sirius XM Satellite Radio!!!  To listen to the show LIVE, tune to The Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206, XM 105) at 7 PM Eastern, 4 Pacific!!  Call in at 866-WOW-1-WOW!!!  It's gonna be heavier than Heavy D!!  It's gonna be sweatier than Sweaty F!!!  It's gonna be jizzier than Jizzy H!!!  Topics for the show include:

* Peanuts- why you don't need to put them in your dog's butt every Christmas Eve

* Actress Reese Witherspoon stops by!  No!  We're just fucking around!

* But we DO see who can hit themselves hardest with a spoon on the dick!

* Dr. Maury Pillpee talks about his new show on the WB- Dr. Maury Wants To Have Sex With Teenagers

* Heralded, horror, short story writer Philip DeChippo discusses his new frightening tale- Little Teddy's Ghost Looks Like Powdered Jizz

* Pencil shavings- put them on a sundae if you want to...but we're telling you...sprinkles taste better

* Comedian Dougie Funkles does his famous and hysterical routine- "I'm seriously considering killing my wife and throwing her body in the river and telling the authorities that a black man kidnapped her."

See you guys on Saturday!!!