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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Sept. 28)

  The Feds think they may have a lead on where Jimmy Hoffa's body is (in suburban Detroit).  What do YOU think happened to him?

a.) I believe the Giants Stadium thing.  Not so much that he is buried underneath it...but that he became a black linebacker for the team to hide from the Mafia and tallied ten sacks in 1976! (25%)

b.) I've always suspected what most people suspect- that Jimmy Hoffa was abducted by my grandmother, who has kept Hoffa captive in her attic while she ties him down to a chair and feeds him carrot cake every two days. (24%)

c.) I don't know what happened to Hoffa and I don't care!!  My dick just fell off!!! (25%)

d.) Well, according to the movie, Hoffa was blown up in the Death Star.  Hold on.  Wait.  Yeah, I'm thinking of Return of the Jedi...nevermind. (26%)